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Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC is an independent organization dedicated to helping homeowners find affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance.

Our organization is dedicated to you, the Florida home insurance consumer. We are not affiliated with any Florida insurance company or agent and we do not accept any compensation from these organizations.

We offer an on-line Buyers Guide to give you what you need to survive and prosper during the Florida homeowners insurance crisis.

A two week subscription to our on-line database costs only $19.99 for the Florida county of your choice. You'll be able to find, screen, and contact the Florida home insurance companies still writing new business in your area.

Your subscription will provide you with:

  • The names of companies who are accepting new homeowners insurance business in your county.
  • An opportunity to find coverage with the newest companies entering the Florida homeowner insurance market that you've seen in the news - before they sell out all of their new policies.
  • A Buyers Guide RatingĀ© that rates each insurance company on a scale of "1 through 10" based on each company's financial stability, length of time in business, risk diversification, customer service history, and industry experience. This rating will save you trips to multiple websites and help you screen the insurance companies quickly.
  • Convenient links to help you find the agents representing those companies.
  • A place where you can rate your satisfaction with your insurance company.
  • An opportunity to share policy cost information with other homeowners.
  • A chance to share market intelligence with all Floridians.
  • The ability to send your legislators a clear message.

Out of over 450 admitted insurance companies authorized to write home insurance in Florida very few are writing new business.

Our research has identified only 40 companies in Florida accepting new business - and within certain counties, the number is much smaller. Agents have limited ability to write with these companies and this number is not likely to increase in the near future.

Get the guide and find out who these companies are.

The State of Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate recently said in Florida Today: "Right now, homeowners do not have much of a choice of insurance companies."

Fortunately, the Home Insurance Buyers Guide can help.

The Buyers Guide eliminates your need to rely on your insurance agent or "word of mouth" to find out all of your insurance options. And it is not like a traditional insurance websites where you will get inundated with insurance agent phone calls, emails, and quotes that don't meet your needs.

We're not an insurance company or an insurance agent. No one from the Buyers Guide will contact you when you subscribe. You are free to do your own research and contact a Florida homeowners insurance agent of your choice.

Knowing exactly who the Florida home insurance companies are that are still writing new business, gives you the ability to ask for a quote directly from the agents who represent that company. If your current insurance agent doesn't represent that company, we'll help you find an agent who does.

We believe it is your best chance to find the limited number of private insurance policies available in the least amount of time.

Building a computer database infrastructure capable of capturing, updating, and consolidating Florida homeowner insurance information has never been attempted on a scale like this before.

Many Florida homeowners have made good faith efforts to share information on websites and blogs. These sites have been helpful, but have not had the technology or personnel necessary to update and maintain this data on an ongoing basis.

And until now, it was not possible to find all of this information in one place.

We have the technology, resources, and commitment necessary to keep this data current. And it is our intention to do so.

When you subscribe to the Buyers Guide and share your own market intelligence, you are giving all Florida homeowners the power and choice to be the best insurance consumer possible during a very difficult time.

Get the guide.

Home Insurance Buyers Guide is committed to the goal of providing homeowners with unbiased, independent information that can be used to make an informed purchase of home insurance in Florida. For that reason, the company will not accept advertising or develop business relationships with insurance companies or their agents.

We are also committed to accuracy. Our credibility rests on the quality of the information provided to the Florida homeowner. To ensure accuracy we offer convenient links for insurance companies, insurance agents, and subscribers to report any and all inaccuracies in our data. We are committed to prompt and timely corrections to our database.

The company's founder and president is Michael Letcher. A South Florida resident, Mr. Letcher is a Fortune 500 executive and a licensed Certified Public Accountant who also served from 1996 through 2001 as the Vice-Chairman of the Construction Oversight Committee for the Palm Beach County School District.

Mr. Letcher is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has used statistical techniques extensively in the financial services industry. He is uniquely qualified to serve Florida homeowners with a well organized, statistically valid process for collecting policy cost benchmarks and customer satisfaction ratings for homeowner insurance companies.

Home Insurance Buyers Guide is looking forward to helping Florida homeowners through the Insurance crisis. But, we won't be successful without your support and feedback. Please join us in our efforts to put the power in the insurance market back where it belongs - in the hands of the Florida homeowner!

Get the guide.

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"Thanks to you and the home insurance buyers guide, I was able to find a good Florida home owners insurance policy for considerably less than what my mother was paying to insure our home through another company. The buyers guide, for a mere $19.99, provided me with a useful tool to cut my research time in half! I went from an expansive "free" google search to an inexpensive narrowed-down listing of Florida home insurance companies that provided insurance in my area. We all know how hard it is in Florida to find any insurer willing to cover our homes, let alone a reputable company that won't cost us an arm and a leg! The guide provided me with a detailed listing of insurers in my zip code, along with each company's requirements and a listing of agents to call. Own a Florida home over twenty years old? A home as close as 1,000 feet away from tidal water? A frame/wood house? The guide will let you know which Florida home insurance companies won't even entertain the idea of insuring you.... Finding Florida homeowners insurance can be a nightmare, but with the help of the guide, I spent less time researching online, less time on the phone, and the end result was procuring insurance for my home with a company I knew was reputable for less than I believed was possible. Let Michael Letcher do the research for you - in times like these, we have a million other things to do!"

Diana M - Palm Beach County Homeowner

"Thanks for all the good information to help me with homeowners insurance in Tampa. I just wanted to let you know that I have a new Florida home insurance company and am now saving approximately $500 per year over State Farm Florida. I'm glad I found you and The Home Insurance Buyers Guide because now I feel secure and know that I made the right decision"

Mary W - Hillsborough County Homeowner

"Thanks a million for all your time and help you gave me to find homeowners insurance in Tequesta. It is a great site and I wish you all the best with it!"

Julie F - Martin County Homeowner

"A very useful tool for finding homeowners insurance in Florida. My search was expedited and streamlined by using The Home Insurance Buyers Guide."

David S - Escambia County Homeowner

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