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The next major Florida hurricane is a train coming down the tracks towards you.

Whether it runs you over depends on the next Florida home insurance company you select.

Smart homeowners will avoid this "accident waiting to happen".

Find out now the secrets you can use to find affordable, private homeowners insurance in Florida and stay out of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation!

Imagine the worst case.

Your Florida home has just been hit by a major hurricane - again!

You know all the sights and sounds - no power for weeks, generators running, chainsaws cutting down broken trees, everyone dragging branches out to the street, and not a gas station open for hundreds of miles.

Your Florida home has massive damage: broken roof tiles with leaks in several places, screen enclosure damaged, pool pump destroyed, and a tree in your master bedroom.

You know you have to act quickly to stop the roof leaks to prevent water damage and the spread of mold. You also know how quickly contractor schedules fill up after a Florida hurricane - even one extra day of waiting for your money could put you dead last on the schedule to get your work done - adding thousands of dollars in additional water and mold damage to your home and burying you with unaffordable temporary living costs.

Even one extra day of delay is simply unacceptable. Staying in hotels or with relatives while your property is wide open is not an option.

It's time to pick up the phone and call your Florida homeowners insurance company to report the claim.

Who do you want to answer your call? Citizens Property Insurance Corporation - or a private Florida homeowners insurance company?

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At this critical moment, the best predictor of what you can expect from Citizens Insurance Florida is to look at what would have happened to you as a Citizen policyholder during the 2004/2005 Florida hurricanes:

  • You would have been one of over 303,000 claims!

    A major Florida hurricane with 100,000 claims would cause one phone to ring at Citizens Insurance Florida every 12 seconds, 24 hours per day for two weeks!

    Over 7,000 phone calls per day will jam the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation switchboards!

    What do you think your chances are that someone will answer your call? How long will it take Citizens Property Insurance Florida to record your claim and schedule an adjuster to visit your home?
  • As reported by Citizens Property Insurance Company's own task force:

    • Your claim took longer to settle than it would have if you were with other leading private Florida home insurance companies.
    • You were 2.5 times more likely to file a complaint about how Citizens Insurance Florida handled your claim than a private Florida insurance company - over half of those complaints were about delays in getting paid!
  • The outgoing chairman of Citizens Insurance Florida recently made the following comments in the St. Petersburg Times about the company's performance during the Florida hurricanes of 2004 and 2005:

    • "A lot of the criticism was deserved."
    • "We had no surplus (cash on hand) in 2005. We were wiped out by a $1.7 billion deficit."
  • "Citizens delivered slow payments, no payments, or questionable payments"    (Florida Today - 11/9/05)
  • "What has given Citizens its biggest black eye is how poorly it handled claims after the 2004 storms. Problems stemming from inexperienced and poorly trained adjusters continued to plague the company and its policyholders."             (Miami Herald - 7/14/08)

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If 2004/2005 were a challenge for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, consider where the company is today:

  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is now the largest homeowners insurance company in Florida with over 1,000,000 policyholders.
  • You will be one of hundreds of thousands of policyholders all trying to contact the Citizens Insurance Florida claims department at the exact same time.
  • Your claim will take longer to resolve. Why? Because Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has a very high concentration of the most vulnerable properties - homes with the most difficult and expensive issues to resolve - claims that will tax Citizens Insurance Florida to the limit.
  • A South Florida property and casualty insurance agent with over 37 years of Florida insurance experience said: "Citizens is a state bureaucracy that daily changes the rules and procedures, and offers little or no service to customers. We do everything we can to avoid them."
  • An attorney representing clients with outstanding claims against Citizens Insurance Florida from the 2004/2005 hurricanes said: "You have an insurer that just doesn't care"
  • A Bradenton homeowner in Manatee County stated: "I am presently insured by Citizens, but envision a nightmare in trying to - God forbid - ever submit a claim to the company."
  • An attorney appointed to a task force on how to restore Citizens Property Insurance to an insurer of last resort recently stated: "A catastrophic hurricane could bankrupt, truly bankrupt the state." - (South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 1/04/09)

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Is Citizens Insurance Florida the company that you want to call after the next Florida hurricane?

For smart Florida homeowners the answer to this question is a resounding no! They're simply not going to place the security of their home and family at the mercy of an unresponsive government bureaucracy - and they sure aren't going to wait on the phone for hours or put up with their claim being dragged out for months or years!

Instead, they'll control their own destiny by finding affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance and move right to the front of the line for claims payments. Why? Because they know that staying out of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation gives them a better chance to be paid faster by a Florida home insurance company with great customer service.

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Despite a lot of talk about improvements at Citizens Insurance Florida since the 2004/2005 hurricanes, it is still an untested bureaucracy that has yet to prove itself under Florida hurricane conditions. Do you want to be part of a new round of customer service experiments with Citizens Insurance Florida after the next hurricane?

Still not convinced?

If you are considering Citizens Insurance Florida as your next Florida homeowners insurance company there are some things as a consumer that you should know:

  • Citizens executives testified under oath that Citizens Property Insurance rates are not high enough to cover claims from a major hurricane. In plain English this means they haven't collected enough cash to pay your claim after the next hurricane.
  • Citizens rate hikes of 21% and 56% that had been planned to take effect in 2007 were postponed by the Florida Legislature - leaving Citizens with huge risks and a shortage of cash to pay claims.
  • The most recent chairman of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation stated in the Palm Beach Post that rates are 30% below what's needed to pay hurricane claims, without the company going broke and imposing policy surcharges.
  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation may have to borrow money by selling bonds into an unfriendly financial market - one that just might refuse to buy the Citizens bonds. That would leave Citizens Insurance Florida without enough money to pay your claim.
  • Once Citizens Insurance Company claims exceed a certain level, Citizens will be relying on reinsurance purchased from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to pay your claim. Recently, major rating services questioned the ability of the Florida Cat Fund to meet its obligations in the uncertain bond market. Being one of the first to file a claim against Citizens Home Insurance might be the only way to get your money quickly.
  • Last year, Citizens Insurance Florida got into trouble when it lost millions of dollars in investments tied to subprime mortgages. At least $88 million was lost - funds that could have been used to pay your Florida insurance claims are gone forever.
  • If you buy Citizens homeowners insurance you will also have to pay special assessments after the next major hurricane - up to 45% above and beyond your annual Florida homeowners insurance premium - an ugly surprise that is reserved especially for you as a Citizens policyholder. This is something that those with private Florida homeowners insurance won't have to pay.
  • If you can avoid going into Citizens Insurance Florida in the first place, your special assessment could be 6%. Which would you rather pay, 6% or 45%? Smart consumers are finding affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance and limiting their potential for special assessments to 6%.
  • Citizens Insurance Florida is financially on the hook for almost $500 billion in claims with just over $10 billion in cash on hand to pay them. Even after Citizens Property Insurance Corporation's backup reinsurance, a 1929 style run on the bank is still possible.

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Smart Florida homeowners aren't going to wait around for any of this. They know that a major Florida hurricane is going to put in motion a game of musical chairs where there simply aren't enough chairs to go around. They know that when the music stops, only those in the very front of the line will get their money from Citizens Insurance Florida quickly, while everyone else will be waiting a very long time for it.

Savvy consumers will jump right to the front of the line by finding affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance with a great company.

Lawmakers have made the situation worse by allowing Citizens Property Insurance rates to be set at artificially low levels that simply put off the day of reckoning. Attracted by the low Citizens Property Insurance rates, unsuspecting Florida homeowners may face a very nasty surprise. Unfortunately, they haven't taken the time to find affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance.

What about you? Do you want to be part of the train wreck too?

You look back at the damage to your house and press your phone to your ear as you start to call your Florida insurance company to report the claim.

Who do you want to answer your call - Citizens Insurance Florida? Or a private Florida insurance company?

Citizens Property Insurance has over 1,000,000 policyholders while the private Florida home insurance companies in our buyers guide have an average of 42,000 policyholders. If a Florida hurricane hits, which company will you be standing in a shorter line with? Citizens Insurance Florida or a private Florida homeowners insurance company?

Don't take a chance with your property insurance in Florida.

Let someone else take the risks of joining Citizens Insurance Florida.

Find affordable, private Florida homeowners insurance with a company that collects enough premiums to pay your claim - one with years of Florida hurricane experience.

Be part of a select, limited group of savvy homeowners - with a Florida home insurance company that you know will answer your call after the next Florida hurricane - and settle your claim professionally, quickly, and fairly.

There is not an unlimited supply of private insurance in Florida. Only homeowners who act now will be part of this select group of insiders.

Don't get caught standing in the wrong line or you will get run over!

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