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Do you think condo insurance in Florida is too expensive?

Is your insurance company cancelling the policy on your Florida condominium?

Concerned that you will lose your Florida condo insurance coverage with State Farm Florida?

Are you buying a new condominium and want to find the cheapest Florida condo unit owners insurance available?

Do you worry about the financial stability of your present Florida condo insurance company?

Will your Florida condo unit owners insurance policy take care of costs that your Florida homeowners association master policy won't cover?

Have you thought about what it would be like trying to call Citizens Property Insurance Corporation after a major Florida hurricane?

Imagine the worst case. Your Florida condominium is damaged by a major Florida hurricane.

Your condo in Florida has major damage including a leaky roof and damage to interior furnishings, cabinetry, and flooring that you know you are responsible for.

You know from experience that it is only a matter of days until mold will start to form. At this critical moment, you know that you have to act quickly to protect your Florida condo unit and its contents.

As you reach for the phone to call your Florida condo insurance company you expect them to do these four things:

  • Answer your call within ten minutes.
  • Schedule an adjuster to come out to inspect your Florida condo in two weeks or less.
  • Make a fair offer to settle your Florida condominium insurance claim.
  • Pay your Florida condo unit owners claim in full in 60 days or less.

There was a time in Florida prior to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when all of your expectations as Florida condo insurance customer would have been met by your insurance company.

However, the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and the 2004/2005 Florida hurricanes have put the state of Florida into a full blown home insurance crisis where condominium insurance in Florida is overpriced and in short supply. That crisis continues to this day:

  • It is very hard to find private Florida condo insurance companies who want to cover you unit.
  • Each year, fewer and fewer Florida condo insurance companies are open for business as most have permanently left the Florida condominium insurance market.
  • Many of these companies won't cover older Florida condo units unless they were built to the higher Florida building code standards in the mid 1990's.
  • There is still a lot of confusion about where the liability of the master association policy stops and your individual condo unit owner policy begins.
  • At the present time, on average, only 10 private Florida condo insurance companies are writing new business in your county.

If you can't find private condo insurance in Florida, you could end up with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Florida's state run insurance company where you could face one or more of the following issues after a major Florida hurricane:

  • Long delays in getting your Florida condominium insurance claim paid as Citizens struggles to respond to hundreds of thousands of claims at the same time.
  • An outright shortage of cash to pay your condo claim since Citizens Insurance Florida is currently underfunded and heavily dependent on issuing debt in an unfavorable bond market to pay your claim.
  • Customer service similar to the service that Citizens delivered during the 2004/2005 Florida hurricanes when it had thousands of complaints - many of which came from condo unit owners like you.

During times like this, how are you supposed to make the right choice when buying condominium insurance in Florida? And which Florida condo insurance agents should you contact to find it?

Fortunately, you're just minutes away from all the secrets to affordable Florida condo insurance - coverage that can save you a lot of money on your condominium insurance in Florida.

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Who are we and why you should listen to us...

Home Insurance Buyers Guide, LLC is an independent organization founded in 2007 with only one goal - to help Florida condo owners like you find, screen, and contact all of the Florida condo insurance companies still writing new condo insurance business in Florida.

We've been covered by Fox News, WUSF radio, Florida Today, The Palm Beach Post, The St. Petersburg Times, The Tampa Tribune, The Sarasota Herald Tribune, The Miami Herald, and the Daytona Beach News Journal. The major wire services carried the launch of our website and our reports on the Florida condo insurance market. Finally, our newsletter: Florida Homeowner Insurance Alert is widely read across the State of Florida.

Why are we in the news? Because we were the first organization to put all of the secrets about Florida condominium insurance in one place - so owners of Florida condos like you can use them to save thousands on Florida condo insurance.

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We follow the Florida condo insurance market very closely.

Before we sold the first subscription to our on-line buyers guide, we spent months analyzing the Florida condo insurance market.

And, quite frankly, we were shocked to learn how hard it is for owners of Florida condominium units to find affordable Florida condo insurance.

  • At the present time, there are only about 15 private Florida condo insurance companies actively writing new business across the state.
  • On average, only 10 companies are writing new Florida condo insurance business in a typical Florida county.

The bottom line is that the fewer Florida condo insurance companies you contact, the more you are going to pay to insure your Florida condo unit.

What's the best way to find Florida condo insurance coverage? Use our buyers guide database to locate it.

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When we researched the Florida condominium insurance market we were not encouraged by what we found:

  • A typical Florida insurance agent represents doesn't represent all of the Florida condo insurance companies still writing new business. Selecting a Florida condo insurance agent out of the yellow pages is a hit or miss proposition. You run a high risk of not getting Florida condo insurance quotes from all the companies writing new business. And you also run the risk of having to buy your Florida condo insurance coverage from Citizens. Don't take that risk when shopping for Florida condo insurance.
  • Other Florida condo insurance agents don't give you the same access to all the Florida condo insurance companies they represent. Some will offer you Florida condo insurance only if you give them your auto and life insurance business.
  • Some Florida condo insurance companies don't have websites. Others with websites don't have locators to help you find a Florida condo insurance agent that represents them. If you phone them directly, you might be on hold for hours. Our service will help you find Florida insurance agents for all of the Florida condo insurance companies that want to cover your Florida condo unit.

Everything we learned led us to create The Home Insurance Buyers Guide - the hidden path to affordable Florida condo insurance - a unique combination of Florida condo insurance companies along with the Florida condo insurance agents representing them to help you get more insurance quotes on your condominium unit in Florida.

We've combined all of our knowledge of the Florida condo insurance market in one convenient on-line database to give you all of the best secrets to affordable insurance on your condo in just minutes.

We give you a simple way for you to find, screen, and contact all of the Florida condo insurance companies who want to cover your new home - before you ever speak to an agent.

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But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our subscribers have to say about how our service helped them:

"Your guide helped me save over $1,200 off the quote I had received on Florida insurance. That was $1,200 I didn't have to bring to the closing table and a $100 savings on my monthly payment."
-James K - Collier County

"Your service and helped my find three Florida home insurance companies as alternatives to Citizens Insurance Florida. Thank you!"
-Michael M - Pinellas Count

"This is the only way to shop for new Florida insurance in Port Ritchey."
-David S - Pasco County

"After I read about your service in the Sun Sentinel, I was surprised to find out that the Florida insurance company I was considering was very small and brand new. There was no way I wanted to use that Florida insurance company to cover the home I was buying in Weston."
-Luis P - Broward County

"The Florida insurance quotes presented by my Florida insurance agent were $843 higher than two good Florida insurance companies I found in your guide. That's a big savings on Florida insurance on Flagler Beach."
-Karen J - Flagler County

"This is the only way to find affordable Florida insurance."
-Richard C - Duval County

"I used your service to save $1,400 on Florida insurance in Bradenton."
-Nancy R - Manatee County

These Florida home owners didn't get these results by using only one Florida insurance agent. And they didn't save this kind of money from a quick tip on the street. These consumers didn't want to risk overspending on Florida insurance and took the time to get the facts. They used our service and never left the comfort of their own home or office to do it.

What about you? Are you ready to get all the secrets to Florida condo insurance?

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How much money in Florida condo insurance savings are you willing to miss out on if there is even one additional Florida condo insurance company that wants to cover your condominium unit that you don't know about?

Do you want to risk buying Florida condo insurance from a company that won't be around after the next Florida hurricane?

In this dysfunctional Florida insurance market, don't overpay for Florida condo unit owners insurance.

Take action now buy subscribing to the home insurance buyers guide!

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In just minutes you'll have two weeks access to our on-line database with all the inside information you need to find Florida condo insurance:

  • The names of private Florida condo insurance companies still writing new business in your county so that you can get quotes from as many companies as possible and save thousands.
  • Access to a real system that helps you screen each Florida condo insurance company from best to worst using our Buyers Guide Rating© to help you narrow the field to a "short list" of companies in minutes!
  • A list of underwriting guidelines for each Florida condo insurance company so you can clearly see which companies are interested in covering your Florida condominium unit.
  • Contact information for Florida insurance agents representing the companies writing new business for Florida condos.

The Home Insurance Buyers Guide gives you everything you need to save thousands of dollars on Florida condo insurance - a continuously updated, highly accurate database at your fingertips so that you don't have to do endless research to stay on top of a constantly changing market.

As an insider, you'll be surprised about how much you can save on Florida condo insurance.

You're just minutes away from more companies, more options, and more savings!

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But that's not all you'll get...

As a subscriber we'll tell you all the secrets of the Florida condo insurance market in your county:

  • How far away from the coast your Florida condo can be to get coverage.
  • The Florida condo insurance companies covering the oldest units.

In just minutes, you'll have all the inside information on Florida condo insurance - data that took us months to find.

When you think about it, can you name any other place where you can get this kind of real time information on Florida condominium insurance?

Where else can you find secrets that will help save the most money on Florida condo insurance?

Can you name any other information source that tells you which Florida condo insurance companies to pursue and which ones to avoid?

How much time and money on your Florida condo insurance can you save by having this information at your fingertips?

Get the guide.

What do you think would be a fair price to pay for all of this?

If you found even one lower priced Florida condo insurance company that you didn't know about, one additional quote could easily save you $250 on your Florida condo unit owners insurance. But the buyers guide doesn't cost $250.

$100 would make sense considering all the time you won't have to spend shopping for a Florida condo insurance policy. But you won't pay $100 for the buyers guide either.

$50 would be a fair price if the guide helped you weed out even one thinly capitalized Florida condo insurance company that might fail after the next Florida hurricane. After all if your Florida condo insurance company fails, at the very least you will experience a significant delay in getting your claim paid - losing valuable time and the use of your Florida condo while your claim is being processed after the State of Florida takes possession of your failed company.

But you won't pay $50 either.

We want to share the secrets to affordable, Florida condo insurance at a price that's affordable to all Floridians.

That's why your buyers guide subscription is just a one time charge of only $19.99 for access to the Florida county of your choice - a lot less than you would pay for an auto or electronics consumer guide that can't begin to save you what your buyers guide subscription can save you on Florida condo insurance.

Smart Florida condo unit owners like you know that $19.99 is a trivial amount to pay for a service that has the potential to save you up to $500 a year on Florida condo insurance.

Take action now by subscribing to the Home Insurance Buyers Guide. You're just minutes away from more options, more quotes, and more savings:

Get the guide.

If that's not enough, there's more!

As a subscriber to our community you can:

  • Rate your satisfaction with your Florida condo insurance company.
  • Share competitive Florida condo insurance quotes with other Floridians.

And we're still not done...

You also get:

  • A free subscription to our quarterly eZine - Florida Homeowner Insurance Alert emailed to you as it is published. It includes featured guest columnists written by the best minds working on the Florida Homeowners Insurance Crisis, along with updates on the Florida condo insurance market.
  • Privacy - No Florida condo insurance company or Florida insurance agent will contact you. When you are ready to buy Florida condo insurance, you decide whether to make contact with a Florida condo insurance agent. No one from the Home Insurance Buyers Guide will contact you.
  • Independence - We will not accept any compensation of any kind from Florida condo insurance companies or their agents. We help you find, screen, and contact private Florida condo insurance companies writing new business. You decide which companies to contact.

When you think about it, what's $19.99 compared to how much you could save on Florida condo insurance?

Get the guide.

Let's face it. You simply don't have time to research all of the Florida condo insurance companies when you are trying to manage everything else going on in your life during these difficult times. Let us do the hard work for you - and make sure you are presented with all of your options.

Nothing would be worse during these difficult times than to overpay for Florida condo insurance with a no-name company that might fail.

Florida condominium unit owners who don't have this information will be on the outside looking in - subsidizing your savings on Florida condo insurance and relying on a Florida insurance agent who can't possibly present them with all of their Florida condo insurance options.

Don't be left on the outside while everyone else buying Florida condo insurance saves all the money.

You are just minutes away from all the secrets to affordable, Florida condo insurance - secrets that other Florida condo unit owners won't take the time to find out. Secrets that will help you save the most money and help you ride out the current financial crisis.

Act now, while there are still good Florida condo insurance companies to choose from.

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